Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Friday, June 20, 2014

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reason Of buying Facebook Likes and Fans

Social Media News  was specifically created to provide great service and to lighten the load of those who just introduced themselves to the wonders of social media marketing.

What is this all about?

We’re talking about our boosting services and how it can benefit both those who are new to social media marketing as well as those who are familiar with it.

We do this by applying the crowd effect. Think of your Facebook page as a shopping window. The more people gather around it, the more appealing it is to other people. This happens because people generally love to be kept within the loop and want to stay in touch with what’s hot and what is not, so generally when friends of people who have liked your pages see that their friends have liked your page, they’re initial reaction is to look at it and when they see that the page has quite a number of fans, it interests them into taking a deeper look—maybe even drawing them to like the page creating an inevitable cycle within his or her network.

Most people don’t understand the value of social media in marketing and advertising and this is because they don’t keep in mind that social media networks especially Facebook—the most popular social media network, just so happens to harbor many people of different cultures, age groups and interests which could find pages appealing for many different reasons. If thought is really placed into it, you may come into a realization that this is internet community is a marketing gold mine.

Social media network greatly affects marketing and advertising today because technology, along with internet, has forever reshaped the playing field. A large ratio of the world’s inhabitants happen to get connected in the web for various reasons such as business and entertainment knocking down the primitive walls of tradition while opening the gateway to a vast cyber market.

Strategies such as this aid business, especially micro businesses and individuals by giving them a chance to be heard and seen with minimal effort and monetary investment while giving a larger rate of ROI and influence over worldwide consumers.

We at social media news we understand what it’s like to begin from square one with all the setting up and the boosting, trying to find great reliable service to reach the target because we too were once customers just like you and we’d like to give you the satisfaction of great service and visible results.

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