Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Move your business/brand towards the customer with socia media service.

Welcome to the digital era, where we have bid farewell to old marketing tools. Now brands successfully promote themselves by using social media platforms, especially with the help of Facebook fan pages. If you are a social media enthusiast, you might be familiar with the marketing strategy used by brands over social media networks/ social media service. As of today, the ultimate determination of a company’s social media marketing skills is how many ‘likes’ they have on their Facebook page. Almost all of us are aware of the ‘like’ button introduced by Facebook and its significance. Not merely an expression of a user appreciating a post, it’s actually something more than that. Technology has changed now the system we market our products in front of the customers.

So how does a “Facebook like “ help in attracting more likes for a page? It makes use of a simple privacy feature (applicable at present). Whenever you like or comment on post which has its privacy set to ‘public’, it appears on your timeline as a publicly visible activity. Think, you come across a post (say, a picture) on a page that you haven’t liked, the post appears in your feed because your friend liked it. In case you find it interesting, you will visit that particular page to see what else it has to offer, and you might also like that page. The next time that page posts something, you’ll like and the activity will appear on your friends’ feeds, and the process continues.
This applies to all public content, so it also works for posts on websites. When you use the ‘like’ button on a website, the activity appears in your feed, and you indirectly promote the website itself. It’s a multiplier effect, when many people will like a post, it will be seen by their friends, ultimately bringing several likes per post. In short, one good post by a page means several likes for the page, or increase in traffic for a website.

So in the end, we can say that for promoting a business/brand social network can help you a lot. Facebook is one of the best platform for that. Facebook likes & facebook fans are good way that can aid you to maximize your business / brand promotion. For more information visit us at www.socialservicepoint.com

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