Monday, May 6, 2013

Facebook Shares – Ultimate success of your business

“Facebook””Facebook””Facebook” the hidden treasure of your business where your customers (the treasure) always active. we may know Facebook #1 social networking platform. Peoples are always connected with it not only pc but also with their personal cell phone.
At present Facebook likes is a very effective way for SEO to boost up your SERP. Though google update their algorithms and make some restriction regarding Facebook likes but now the Facebook Shares is become a powerful way to increase your traffic, SERP and reducing your website alexa rank.
Benefit of using Facebook shares – its helps you to increase your brand publicity, getting potential likes, building long term marketing campaign. Also it work as like advertisement and helps you to reduce your CPC ads cost.
How can you use it?
You can use it through your fan pages. Also facebook shares gadget is also available of website. You can activate it by visting facebook developer page (<;). You can generate the source code by giving your fan/web page url. Then you just need to put the code to your website.
Why Facebook shares are more powerful than Facebook likes?
Alright facebook shares are help you to spread your targeted link. As a result it will show others account news feed and will bring your targeted outcome. Facebook share also work as like advertising. So you also able to get likes through Facebook shares. That’s why you need to get facebook shares or you can do it by spending your time through your network.

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