Thursday, May 9, 2013

Social Media- Value of your brand promotion

Social Media now re-known part of SEO. To boost up your brand promotion and viral marketing social media helps you to do that. Specially Facebook the #1 social networking platform and #1 platform for business man to open his business into it using Facebook special features which is Fan page. So we should give thanks to Facebook for that.
Fan page:An extreme source of boost up your brand through it. At present through fan page you can add you custom application to it. You can integrate your e-commerce apps into it. Not only for your business purpose even any type of artist can upload their music apps into it. As a result people which is your fans can easily buy you product, service through Facebook. I just tried to give some concept of how do you use your fan page and what you can add on your fan page.
Facebook Fans:
If people like you page then the people are become a fans of your page. If you post any type of content on your page then it will show their news feed. You can convert you fans as your customer if you using you official fan page for business purpose.
How to increase fans?
Well. Get ready for fight. Because you have to spend meaningless time to build your Facebook community. You can do SEO, you can follow the Facebook marketing guide or if you want to build you fan page community then you can run a Facebook ads campaign to get likes. But Facebook can’t ensure you that they can give you legitimate community. But you have to pay FOR the campaign.
In the same you you can buy facebook likes from social media service provider. For example SSP. They will do same act as like facebook “can’t ensure you to build your legitimate facebook community”. But they can give you Facebook fans to increase your likes with very low cost and helps you to reduce your CPC campaign cost.
What should you do next?
Keep active with your page. Post regularly, post some funny things (to get viral effect) because you don’t know the behave of you fans. So follow the common style which is “post funny things”. Start giving benefit by giving entertain. As a result you can successfully able to build you Facebook community and you can use your page for business purpose.
Note: this guide is perfect of who are new in online business. But some tips helps advance people.

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